Transfer Station Compactors
Transfer Station Compactors
  • Heavy duty compactors for transfer station applications
  • Available sizes from 6 cubic yards to 15 cubic yards
  • Built to specifications to accommodate a new or existing site
  • Perfect for high volume waste streams
  • Saves time ! Saves Fees ! Saves Gas ! Saves Money !

Pinnacle Transfer Station Compactors

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Pinnacle by BWE manufactures large stationary compactors for transfer station applications

Design, Build, Installation, Service……all provided within the Pinnacle platform

Custom, heavy duty designs to fit existing sites or be implemented into new sites

Reduce trips to landfill by collection vehicles by compacting high volumes of solid waste into transfer trailers

Compact solid waste at landfills for better distribution and more efficient land use

Saves time ! Save Fees ! Save Gas ! Save Money !

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  • Customized Load Hoppers/ Chutes
  • Compactor Stand
  • Trailer Hook Mechanism (Hydraulic or Manual)
  • Platforms
  • Lifts
  • Tongue and Groove Sides /Floor
Standard Specifications:(may vary depending on site)
Dimensions: 27′ long x 9′ wide
Charge Chamber Opening: 120″ long x 84″ wide
Discharge Opening: 84″ wide x 77″ high
Motor: 50 – 60 HP, 3ph
Multi-Stage Pump: 100 – 125 gpm
Ram Penetration: 42″
Max System Pressure: 2500 – 3,000 psi
Packing Force: 159,000 lbs
Cycle Time: 46 seconds
Cylinders (2): 7″ Bore x 5″ Rod x 170″ Stroke
Reservoir: 350 gallons
UL Aproved Power Unit Control Panel

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