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BWE & Pinnacle 2016

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    • “My containers were delivered by your BWE Transport truck this moring and I wanted to take a second to tell you about your exceptional driver.  First let me say that all of your drivers that have delivered to my site have been top notch but this particular one really went a step beyond.  I know your drivers are expected to provide touch up paint but this driver took the time to personally touch up the containers when they were unloaded.  This may not sound like a big deal, but to this customer, seeing a vendor offer services outside the box makes it easier for me to choose one company over another.  Thank you for your attentive and speedy delivery.”

      —Grease Collection / Biofuel Conversion Company in Maryland (2012)

    • We are sorry that BWE was not low bidder on this project. We plan to be more selective from now on when approving vendors for container bids. We prefer BWE containers and always look forward to working with Bakers Waste Equipment. You have always provided excellent service and products to us in the past”

      —Email From A County Solid Waste Manager in Virginia (2013)

    • “This was the best buying experience I have ever had buying dumpsters. From the quote process all the way through to the delivery, not to mention the guy in your finance department who was so helpful. I will not call any other company for my dumpsters going forward.”

      —Email From A Private Hauling Company in North Carolina (2013)

    • “BWE, you are my hero ! Thank you so much ! Your container shipment has arrived and your company has worked so well with us on documentation. You have an awesome team so please send these kind words to your staff. It is so great to have a company like yours work with us in every way”

      —Email From A Military Base in Georgia (2013)

    • “Good Morning To All At BWE. We always hear when we do wrong, and never when we do right…..well, you guys are doing RIGHT! Our customer’s shipments went very well, and he could not be happier. He was impressed with the quality of the containers, but he mainly commented on how your BWE Transport drivers assisted with off loading and paint touch up. He was blown away. Please pass along my appreciation to your drivers for taking such good care of our customer. It means a lot."

      —Email From A Distributor Of BWE (2013)

    • “Tell your BWE crew how happy I am with your products and service. I don’t call anyone else for containers. As far as I am concerned, BWE is running a monopoly ! Thanks to all at BWE for your contributions”

      —Comments From Large Public Hauler Account in VA (2013)

    • “The new containers arrived today and we are very pleased with them. The new lid design is so user friendly we can open them with one finger. Thanks to all at BWE for solving this ergonomic issue in such a timely and professional manner. Safety is an extremely important value for our company so we were very impressed with your sense of urgency in addressing this safety issue.”    

      —Industrial Account in VA (2013)

    • “The special tote containers we ordered were just delivered and I have to say, “they look great”! Thank you. We will definitely keep you in mind when we need more containers."

      —Scrap Metal Hauler in SC (2012)

    • “The Glide Wheel Systems are performing wonderfully on our containers so far. I am trying to spread the word within our company to go with the Glide mainly based on our drivers claiming that these containers are the easiest ones to move around on their routes.”

      —Private Hauler in Alabama (2012)

    • “BWE - You Rock !" - comments after meeting customer expectations on a large blanket order release schedule for roll off containers.

      —Solid Waste Hauler in NC (2014)

    • "I wanted to take a minute and brag on you guys. Today I installed the photo eye upgrade on one of our compactors. When I opened up the package that had been sent by Jennifer and her team, it included everything I needed down to the last screw. The brackets that Billy built were also at the perfect angle to match up to the hopper. I did run into some trouble on the wiring and Shane really showed his knowledge. Even though I misled him on the existing panel, he was able to walk me through the wiring to get the unit up and running. He literally stayed on the phone with me for an hour. I know you usually only hear from customers when things go wrong after a sale, so I just wanted to give you guys credit where credit is due. If you will pass this along to your service team who are in my opinion, second to none"

      —County Solid Waste in SC (2014)

    • "Just wanted to let you know that we received delivery on our 5 containers at 8am as scheduled. Your BWET driver was a great help unloading and even touching up the paint. The cans do hook up properly to our truck like they are supposed to. Thank you for the prompt and accurate service"

      —Alabama Contractor (2014)

    • "Your service team has done an amazing job.  It was complete chaos for all of us at the job site and your team especially was interrupted constantly by executives at the site redirectly your efforts.  Your team kept their heads and stayed the course to get the compactors installed as planned even under duress.  Thanks again"

      —Metal Recycling Company in NC (2014)

    • "Good Morning, I wanted to thank you for your quick service call response yesterday. I know you incurred considerable expense deploying one of your service techs and trucks. My customer was very appreciative. In reality, we all know problems with equipment will arise from time to time, but it is how you handle these problems that make a difference. You guys make it easy to recommend and sell BWE products. Thank you for your support."

      —Distributor Comments 2014

    • "We took delivery of the first load of containers from Bakers yesterday, and the cans looked great and well made. Your driver even touched up any scratches from the haul as they were unloaded. I am very impressed with your operation."

      —National Hauler – New Location 2014

    • In refernece to the BWE Compactor Training School this week, please thank everyone there for a very informative session. We are glad we found the time to participate. It was certainly worth the trip and our time. Well done !

      —Email From National Hauler Shop Supervisor (2014)

    • Thank you for all of your help lately!  The reason I like dealing with you guys is that you do have flexibility when it comes to customer service and you always respond.  You would be shocked at the responses I get from other suppliers when asking for something other than black and white.  I sincerely appreciate what you do.  It helps me sell more BWE products.

      —Distributor Comments April 2015

    • After receiving a load of hook lift 12yd containers, customer stated, "Bakers cans are the best I have ever used by far.  I have bought from a number of container vendors over the years and none compare."

      —Waste Hauler in FL (2016)

    • Good to meet you, and I had a great time visiting your facility yesterday. Thanks for all you do and for the great service after the sale. It means a lot to have backing for a product that you have purchased and to have a company stand behind their products.

      —Comments From Tennessee County to Customer Service

    • Our company has been involved in the solid waste & recycling industry for over 20 years utilizing & installing compactors for many of our clients with various applications. Our recent experience with Pinnacle Compactors was our first, with us taking a chance due to a referral on your equipment/service.  Prior to this, we have dealt with some of the largest compactor manufacturers in the United States. With the high expectations, the experience was a first class operation with respect to logistics on the installation w/delivery time coordination. In addition to this overall project, Pinnacle provided a very knowledgeable and service conscious installation service team.  The equipment with regard to quality of workmanship, design, structural integrity, electrical, & hydraulic components met or in most cases exceeded our expectation….. The whole experience beginning with site surveys provided by you and your team, to the finished installation, which included requested add-on's, was very positive! We highly recommend Pinnacle Compactors to those who are not aware of the Pinnacle Team!  

      —Comments From A Mall Waste Management Group